Friday, August 17, 2012

Phone Photo (Lazy) Friday

I have been having way too much fun this week. Going to way too many classes at the gym. Learning way too many new recipes. Drinking way too much wine. Having way too many girl talks. Reading way too much Bossypants by Tina Fey.
Which means I’m pretty exhausted. Which means two consecutive days of napping. Which means I’m not being my usual productive, blog-writing self. Which means you get the short end of the stick. So here are my weekly phone photos, which is blog speak for: I’m too lazy and tired to come up with anything clever to talk about.
We decided on a loveseat for our living room.
We kind of fell hard for the whole ‘buying a tartan clad furniture piece while living in Scotland’ thing. I know, I know: tourists (*eye roll*).The only problem is that when I went to order it, the delivery was going to be in mid-October, at which time we will be vacationing in the US.  Since they charge you for storage if you aren’t available for delivery within 3 days of the piece being available, we decided to wait another 2 weeks to actually order it. An additional two weeks is making this commitment phobe seriously second guess our choice. Especially when these smaller cutie patooties are available.

Love me some tartan! In the meantime, our Linen Restoration Hardware chairs have been moved to the kitchen sitting area, which has apparently extinguished our need to buy dog beds.
But with faces like these, how can I tell them 'No dogs on the ridiculously expensive furniture!'?

It's impossible, I tell you! The recent sunshine and warmer weather has meant lots of dog walking. The gardens are really spruced up at this time of year.

Bailey's training has been going really well and we've actually been letting her off leash quite a bit. It's so relaxing to have her off the lead on walks, especially when she obeys when we call her back.

Though we've been getting a lot of great weather, we've also been getting a lot of fog, which the Scots refer to as 'haar'. It's hard to capture haar in pictures, but here's my best attempt.
In personal news, I learned that I can text people with iphones for free, even if they live in America. Well hello there friends and family, how have you been?
Seriously, my quality of life just went up exponentially.

Another high of my week? Girls night at Tanvi's where she had a full on ice cream bar set up.
The only drawback to our girls' night was that it was supposed to be Pam's Hen Party (Scottish speak for Bachelorette party), but since her passport and UK visa decided to hide from her, she was held back in the States and couldn't make it. (For her sad and yet hilarious retelling of the story, go here)We miss her!!
Alright folks, enough blogging; back to having too much fun. See ya back here on Monday!

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  1. Love the Tartan!!! It will look great in your house:)