Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sofa Saga

It’s been about 6 weeks since we received our shipment and discovered that our nearly new leather sleeper sofa was not going to neatly fit into our Scottish duplex.
We thankfully managed to find her a good home, and once she was out of our kitchen, we began playing around with furniture configurations and re-brainstorming our layout now that our guest bedroom set was taking up a big chunk of our downstairs living space.

Unfortunately, I am a very visual person, so while brainstorming, I actually need to see every single option before I can choose which one I like the best. Jonathan and I spent an entire afternoon reconfiguring furniture arrangements for both our living room and kitchen area sitting room, and eventually we came up with a solution.
We decided to move our two linen chairs into the kitchen area, and we plan to set the TV up in our former bookcase this weekend. My goal is to be cooking while watching the Olympics by next Monday.
Since these chairs are no longer in our living room, we will have to find a replacement for them. Unfortunately, the coolest leather chair in the world is such a massive and strangely shaped piece of furniture, that it monopolizes the room.
There isn’t really room for another sofa, so we are currently in the market for a new comfy chair. We could also use some standing floor lamps, a full length mirror, new TV trays, a desk chair, and an accent table.
I absolutely love shopping for new furniture. Honestly, it’s my most favorite thing. I love it even more than shopping for shoes, or books, or cupcake mixes, or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies... (Okay, maybe not more than puppies.) So it’s actually hard for me to commit to a specific piece because it means I can no longer shop for it, and that makes me a little sad. But my goal is to have everything arranged and organized by the time our first house guest arrives in mid-September, so the clock is ticking.

I went to the mall on Monday to see some of the comfy-chair candidates in person, and these are just a few that are in the running.

What do you think? If you were my house guest, which one would you most like to sit in?


  1. I like the leather arm chair at the end :)

  2. I would like to look at the last two...but I would like to curl up and read a book in the striped comfy cozy one! Tough call!