Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Not So Warm and Fuzzy Side of Living in Scotland

I’m one of the biggest advocates the country of Scotland has ever known. It's fantastic. You should quit what you're doing and move here immediately. But it’s not all warm and fuzzy over here. For one thing…it’s not warm. Ever. But especially not in the month of January.

I feel like in the past 5 days I have gotten every type of cold weather element thrown at me, and today I am rebelling. I am staying inside in my flannel and fleece and I am going on strike against the windy, cold, rain/snow/sleet/hail mixture that has been sitting over Aberdeen for the past week. 
Sorry Bailey and Sam, no walks through the forest today. I’m not walking to the grocery. I’m not going for an outdoor jog. I’m not walking Jonathan to and from work and I’m not walking the mile to Falene’s house for Bachelor Night. I’m absolutely not going outside today. 
For the past 5 days I have braved the elements in order to take care of my motherly and wifely duties. The sideways sleet didn’t stop me from taking Bailey on hour long treks through the woods, or Sam for his usual 30 minutes walks in the ‘hood. It didn’t stop me from participating in a 9 mile hike with the AWA Explorer group. And in anticipation for our Sunday day trip to the slopes, we tried to tucker our dogs out on Saturday by taking them to Countesswells wood for a extra long walk. 
At first, the snow was slowly drifting down, swirling all around us.

It was incredibly romantic…until the wind picked up and the snow started pelting us in the face and gathering on our jeans before promptly melting and soaking us to the bone. It was still a great outing, but brrrrr were we cold by the end of it. 

After our ski foray on Sunday, the cold had set deep into my bones. I hardly had the courage to suit up for a jog yesterday morning, but Bailey’s puppy eyes are mighty powerful so I went out and endured snow being blown into my eyes by the heavy winds forecasted for the day. 
Then Samson laid the puppy eyes on me and I was back out for a walk around the neighborhood. At one point, I was walking into such a strong wind that I wasn’t physically moving anymore. Nope, at that point we were just walking in place. 
After getting out last night for Jillian’s birthday celebration, I finally said ‘enough!’. I woke up with Jonathan this morning, made him a PBJ sandwich and then apologetically informed him that I wasn’t walking him to work this morning. Then I apologetically informed Bailey that today I’m using that mega-expensive gym membership I have instead of exercising with her outside. And then I broke Sam’s heart by telling him that he’s just going to have to nap all day long because for now I am out of the dog-walking business. 
Doesn't he look disappointed that he has to stay inside all day?
I know they say there is no bad weather only bad gear, but…hail? What is the appropriate gear for hail? Should I invest in a suit of armor? Wear a hard hat around town? And what’s the right attire for random 50 mph wind gusts? I don’t think Columbia makes a wind breaker that can compete with hurricane force winds. You know what the right gear is for these elements? Fleece and flannel, by the fire, with a good book. 
Problem solved.


  1. It sounds to me that you have absolutely earned a cozy flannel day by the fire.

  2. I think the suit of armor would be a fun sight to see walking around town! Perhaps it would rust though...? I hope your cozy day treated you well!

  3. Please put a like button at the bottom of your posts!!!

  4. Please put a like button at the bottom of your posts!!!

  5. Oops I am not sure why that was doubly important. Feel free to use your delete power.

  6. Brrr, you're making me chilly!!! A well deserved down day indeed