Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Totally Doable New Year's Resolutions

Alright…I’ve procrastinated long enough. I guess it’s time to stop putting it off and make some New Year’s Resolutions. I’m a goal oriented person, which is why I usually avoid making them. Once I have it in my head, I won’t rest until it’s accomplished. Now that it’s blog-public I am held even more accountable for follow through. Here goes nothing.

1)Read the New Testament.
I’ve been doing an in-depth study of the book of James and I’m getting so much from a devotion that focuses on a chapter verse by verse. I’d like to spend the time to concentrate on each chapter of the New Testament and I think 12 months is a reasonable amount of time to do that in. There are 27 books in the New Testament which should put me at a little more than 2 a month. Totally doable.
2)Start writing a novel. I almost made the goal ‘write a novel’, but I still find that task a bit intimidating. And technically, I’ve already accomplished the goal of ‘starting’ because I wrote the first paragraph last week. Yay me! Now I just gotta do some historical research, develop some 3 dimensional characters, and come up with a stimulating plot. Totally doable.
3)Run a 10 k. 
I’m not one of those people with an inherent desire to run a marathon. I ran a half while preparing for my wedding dress and it was straight up miserable. After about the 10th mile, I was so over it. All runners have their distances that make them feel great. Mine is about 6 miles, aka a 10k. Fortunately, Scotland is loaded with races set in idyllic locations. While my superstar friends tackle the 15 mile ‘hill’ run (Y’all have seen what Scottish folks call hills, right?) at Balmoral this April, I might ride along for the less impressive 10k.
A Scottish 'hill'.
4)Complete one Pinterest inspired project per week. Pinterest is starting to depress me. Every time I log on to my account, I see all these great ideas and recipes that I am not implementing. I’ve decided to choose one pin a week to actually incorporate into my life. Whether that be a recipe, a crafting project, or an organizational idea, I’ll be self-improving in 2013. 
This might be my first project: Source
5)Actually learn how to use my Nikon DSLR. 
This shot had so much potential...but I always have sun spots in the middle of the picture.
It’s really ridiculous how lazy I am with my camera. I’ve got this great piece of equipment that we invested quite a lot of money into, and yet I constantly have it on automatic point and shoot mode. There is no excuse for why I shouldn’t be maximizing my photographic potential while living in such a photogenic country.
6) Organize the junk drawer and storage room. Any Friends fans out there? You know how neat-freak Monica has her secret closet which is just a complete disorganized mess (Click here to see video of the scene)? That is my junk drawer and storage room right now. Everything on the surface looks pretty put together but please please please do not open any of my drawers/cabinets/or spare bedrooms. It’s stressful, y’all. And I’m tired of it. And I’m gonna fix it. Sometime this year. I promise.
7) Set up my office. Once the internal organs of our house have been cleaned up, I will setup my office. I need an aesthetically pleasing, inspiring, and functional space to start cracking out that novel of mine. I’ve just got so many pinterest-inspired ideas about what to do with my ‘housewife cave’. I plan on hanging pictures, adding a rug, and getting an actual desk chair instead of borrowing one from the kitchen table. 
Behold: The Aberdeen Wife headquarters
Take a good look now, guys. One day, after I’ve written the next Harry Potter, this room will probably be immortalized as a museum. You can say you saw it here first.
Well that’s my end of the deal. Now you guys have to hold me accountable. And what New Year’s Resolutions can I hold you accountable for this year?


  1. I am all for joining you in a few of those, but I wont call them resolutions. I have never done resolutions for some reason.
    1.) We should get together once a week to learn our cameras! (even though Luke wont let me use it on our trips)
    2.) I have a few Pinterest projects I want to do but wont do them unless there is someone joins me... maybe with a little wine. :-)
    3.) 10K - got it!
    I think it is an amazing goal to finish the New Testament. Luke has read the whole bible before and I would love to also, but I cant even finish one book. And it is also amazing to start a book! Good luck with both of them, but you don't need it :-)

  2. I share 2 and 3 but won't call them resolutions either, rather just life goals. You are such a great writer, can't wait to hear about how your novel is shaping up! I'm currently working on my running skills (making use of the 1 treadmill at our hotel "gym"). Already shaved a minute off my time from last week:) Slowly but surely!