Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scottish Hurricane

One unique thing about Scotland is that it isn’t prone to the common natural disasters. You’ll see the occasional flooding, but volcanoes, earthquakes, tornados, forest fires, and hurricanes are largely absent. Even lightning and thunder storms are a rarity. Growing up in south Louisiana and Texas it seems odd to live outside of hurricane season and tornado alley.
That doesn’t mean that the weather in Scotland is calm. Not even a little bit. Though it may not have been labeled a tropical storm, the weather we had yesterday mimicked those familiar storms of my childhood, and the result was eerily reminiscent of a hurricane’s aftermath. I’m actually quite impressed that we never lost power.
Running my normal forest route this morning was a little complicated.
Here are some more pictures and video of the storm and its destruction. 
Our trashcan blew all the way from the side of our house into the street.
While I was trying to capture  the wind gusts on film, the top of our trashcan flew up and hit me.
These are some of the pictures circulating around the internet. A few of these were even emailed to me from my parents in Lousiana. It was quite the storm.

Kinda puts that whole trashcan thing into persepctive. We were super lucky.

Sand and seafoam from the North Sea

Stonehaven Harbor

Yep, no one ever accused the Scottish weather of being pleasant. When it’s good, it’s good. But when it’s bad-man oh man, you just want to hole up under the covers with a good book and Felicity reruns. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.
Jonathan, if you’re reading this, the terrible weather did not deter me from dusting every surface of this house, vacuuming the stairs, and ironing your socks…and in case you were wondering *spoiler alert* Felicity still cuts off all her hair in Season 2: Episode 2.
Guilty as charged.

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  1. Does your rhouse have a storm cellar? If not, you may want to invest in couple of crash helmets for you and Jonathan. I wonder if there are doggie crash helmets. You've got to protect those precious babies too.