Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bon Voyage!

Today begins a whirlwind of travel which will last for the next 2 months. Within a 7 week timespan, I will lay my head on pillows in Salzburg, Inverness, The Isle of Skye, Edinburgh, Krakow, Covington, Baton Rouge, Orange Beach, Gainesville, and Orlando. While I’m over the moon with excitement, I’m also doubled over with anxiety and apprehension.
I love travel, but I hate living out of suitcases. I hate getting out of my routines. I hate packing. I hate unpacking. I hate bringing my dogs to the kennel. I hate airports. I hate airport food. It’s just stressful.
So while acknowledging that the travel tornado will be an exciting time to see some sights and hug some friends and family, I know that something’s gotta give. That something, is my blog.
For the past 6 months I have been posting every weekday, but for the last few weeks, I’ve known that I couldn’t continue at that pace for much longer. So for the next 2 months, as I am traveling in and out of Aberdeen, I promise to post as much as I possibly can. But I don’t promise to post every day. And I don’t promise to post anything clever or poignant. I don’t promise to post anything worth your morning tea time.
I’m sure you’ll be getting a lot of posts consisting of a single picture with a grammatically incorrect caption followed radio silence for days on end. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. But please hang in there. You really do make my heart glad with your comments and viewership.
And while you’re hanging in there, could you toss a few prayers my way for good health, good weather, and good sleep? I’m going to need all three to make it through the next two months in one piece. Thanks for all of your encouragement and support. I’m going to miss you!
Now on to ABZ for a 6 AM flight to Salzburg, Austria! Don’t you just feel so sorry for me?


  1. It sounds like a great time! Don't stress :)

  2. Carpe Diem!! I am excited for you but understand the apprehension. Putting my Emma Grace (doggie babygirl) in the kennel and living out of a suitcase would be the down side for sure, but the rest would excite me. Savor every minute, for once the kiddlywinks start popping up.... the times oh how they change. Be Safe and ENJOY!!! We will miss you

  3. Wahoo!!! Austria, here you come! Have a blast, keep calm, and eat all the dessert you can :)XOXO

  4. I am most excited about Covington/New Orleans :) sorry. Selfish.