Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday, dear Laine-Michelle! Happy Birthday to me! Yes, today begins the last 365 days of my twenties and I am celebrating in style. Here’s a list of the four best birthday presents EVER. 

1. My BFF April is here in Scotland to celebrate with me.
I’ll post a whole lot more about that later, but suffice to say, I’m having a great time showing her all of the reasons I love this country. And so far, the weather has been cooperating with her visit so I’m praying that the sunny skies and mild temperatures continue.

2. My husband surprised me on Friday night when he plopped this little bag down in front of me.
Apparently, he does listen, and he got me that classic Burberry trench that I have been wanting since I was about 3 years old.
Great Job, honey!
3. After bestowing the beautiful rain coat on me, he whisked me away to a romantic dinner which turned out to be a surprise get-together with some great friends. I was honored and blessed to have this crew get together after a long week to celebrate the slow and agonizing death of my twenties.
They made the night extra special by ensuring that the restaurant, Granite Gate (HIGHLY recommend!), could supply Sticky Toffee Pudding, despite it not being offered on the dinner menu.
AND they got me a new camera strap, just in time for my cross country road trip with April.
This will make lugging around a 400 ton camera so much easier. AND they got me an amazing fancy-schmancy candle which is awesome since our moving company wouldn't pack our candles so I'm starting all over in that department. And I have two dogs, so good smelling candles are always a must.
Thanks a million guys! You are the absolute best and I thank God for each one of you every single day.
4. This last one was a gift from Scotland itself. When I woke up at the crack of dawn to walk my hubby to work and take Bailey for a forest run, this sunrise was waiting to greet me.
Bailey’s run quickly turned into more of a photography stroll, but she cooperated and we were both in awe of this amazing view. 

Yep, the Scottish sky was really showing off this morning and I feel blessed to witness the beauty of this country on a daily basis.

Now, I’ll need your participation for gift number 5.
5. My blog reader’s supply me with great suggestions for a road trip playlist! I need your help guys. I’m trying to put together the perfect “mix tape” for our cross country road trip and would love your input. What are your favorite sing-alongs for long trips in the car? I'd super duper appreciate any suggestions you could give me. And you sort of have to comply, because it's sort of my birthday which makes me sort of more important than the Queen of England.  
I hope you have a happy my birthday!


  1. YAY! Happy HAPPY Birthday Laine!!! I'm so glad to see Jonathan and everyone treating you so special as you so well deserve XOXO

    Some of my favorite road tunes:
    Life is a Highway - Tom Cochrane (of course, even though Brian despises it)
    Please don't Go - Michael Posner
    Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
    Float On - Modest Mouse
    Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

  2. Happy Birthday!! Love the trench, jealous of the trench and the Last of the Mohicans sounndtrack is my favorite for road tripping :)

  3. I Wanna Dance with Somebody-The late great Whitney Houston
    Hypnotize-Notorious BIG "Biggie, biggie, biggie, can't you see"
    No Rain-Blind Melon
    Always Be My Baby-Mariah Carey
    Jack and Diane-John Cougar Mellencamp

    I could go on and on but hopefully between all your suggestions and Debbie's USB, you're set. Have so much fun with April. So glad I got to celebrate your birthday with you!

  4. Pretty much any n-sync, brittney or Nellie song...have so much fun. Happy birthday my dear friend. My life would have been so empty without my lifelong, best friend. BTW this is our 12th birthday together ;) almost half our lives. You are my longest friend. Love you mucho ;)

  5. Being in Europe you probably don't know about hootie making a comeback. Happy birthday baby girl

  6. Happy 1st 29th Bday,girl! There has to be a slot for Stairway to Heaven in your roadtrip playlist. Don't forget TheBeatles' You Can Drive My Car. BDay hugs!

  7. Happy Bday.. Awesome gifts by the way!!
    just curious , are most of your photos via phone or mega camera? What type of camera do you own? I currently own a Canon Rebel SLR (older model) and want to upgrade MPs. I haven't always been pleased with my current camera's photos.