Monday, December 30, 2013

Look Who's Talking: 2 Months Old

Today at The Aberdeen Wife, we are welcoming guest blogger Forest Alexander. Forest is a 10 lb, 15 oz, 2 month old resident of Aberdeen, Scotland. His hobbies include eating, pooping, and fighting sleep. Here he is to tell you in his own words a little bit more about himself...
Hiya. It's great to be featured here at The Aberdeen Wife. My mom wants me to tell y'all a bit about my likes and dislikes, and since she's so generous with the milk, I guess I'll oblige her. There isn’t much that I like 100% of the time. I’m sure my momma has already told y’all that  I’m pretty persnickety. But most of the time, these are things that I kinda sorta like: 

-Bathtime. Never met a bath I didn’t like. It’s being taken out of the bath that gets my goat. 
– When my mom makes up silly rhymes. Especially when she says: “Super-Duper-Pooper-Scooper”. Hilarious. 

– Florence and the Machine. True Story. Wanna get me to stop crying? Dog Days are Over. Simple as that.  
– Car rides…sometimes. My mom doesn’t want me to tell you this, but she’s become one of those desperate parents who takes the long way home just so I get a good nap in. The other day I heard her ask my daddy if he’d take me for a car ride so that she could take a nap. I’m soooo gonna tell ‘The Baby Whisperer’ on her. 
- Stroller rides…sometimes. It’s pretty cold in Scotland and sometimes my mom bundles me up too much and sometimes not enough. Sometimes she gets it just right and I sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride. 

-Mainly naptime. Whenever my mom or dad dim the lights and I see that that swaddle blanket come out, I start hollering. You can sleep when you’re dead, you know? I’m here to play until I’m so tired that all I want to do is scream and scream and scream. Sometimes naps are ok, as long as they happen in my momma’s lap. But for some reason, she thinks she has better things to do or something, because as soon as I start to fall asleep she puts me in my bed. Not cool, mom. Not cool. I let her know just how ‘not cool’ this is by instantaneously screaming for the next 2 hours or so while she hilariously keeps trying to get me to fall back asleep. No way, woman. You had your chance. 

– The Baby Whisperer. Apparently she put it into my momma’s head that I am supposed to take a nap after every meal. And apparently naps in the car seat or the stroller don’t count so my mom keeps insisting on trying to get me to nap in my bed. You wanna know her success rate? About 1 in 40 naptimes. Hahahaha. 

– Baby Wise. See above. Hahahahaha. (Although, I am sleeping 8 hours at night so I guess the joke is on me.) 

– My puppy sister, Bailey. Sometimes I give in to naptime. I’m like ‘Okay, okay, mom. I’ve lost the will to fight and I guess I am kinda tired now that you mention it.’ And almost as soon as I drift off, that mutt starts making a bunch of ruckus and wakes me right back up. And this makes me ANGRY. It apparently makes my momma real angry as well. She keeps threatening to take Bailey to the pound, which is a bit harsh. I mean, I didn’t even really want to nap that much anyway…
Well that’s about all my likes and dislikes. After all, I’m only 2 months old and my world consists of eating, pooping, and occasionally (like once or twice a week) taking a good nap. I haven’t developed any hard core hobbies or anything yet. I get my first round of shots tomorrow. From what I hear, those will probably be going on my ‘dislike’ list pretty soon... 


  1. Oh my goodness, Laine, he is so incredible adorable. I just love him to pieces and can't wait to meet him. Good luck with shots, try not to cry. It's so hard :(

  2. Love the guest post :) looking forward to more of these!! And I hope he learns to love naps soon!!

  3. Great to hear from you Forest. I hope the shots don't hurt too bad. Just remember they are good for you nana misses you and can't wait it teach you to love naps. Love you much!!!!!