Monday, December 9, 2013

I get it from my Momma...and my Daddy

When it quickly became apparent that Forest was going to be a cutie pie, the competitive nature in Jonathan and I came out and we both tried to take credit for his good looks. Actually, when he was born, my first thought was ‘he doesn’t look like either of us’, but instantly people started insisting he looked like Jonathan. 

I don’t know why, but this irrationally hurt my new momma feelings. After all, I had just housed him in my body for 41 weeks and then pushed him out in a violent, stitches-requiring process. It didn’t seem fair that I didn’t leave a trace of myself in his face. But at the same time, I of course also wanted him to reflect my sweet husband whom I love and admire, so to hear that people thought he resembled Jonathan filled me with pride. 

As his face becomes less smooshed and more plump, I think he is a perfect blend of the two of us. He’s long and lean like his daddy. Olive skinned and snubbed nose like his mom. 
Looking head on, his facial structure and expressions are undeniably Jonathan, but his profile is a different story. 
The "Doublin" nose

I asked our parents to send some baby pictures of the two of us so that we could do side by side comparisons. 



This one of Jonathan is pretty irrefutable.   
The eyes and nose are slightly different, but the mouth and facial shape are dead on. I was the third baby in the family, so naturally there aren’t the plethora of posed straight on shots to choose from, but here are a few that my mom sent me from my initial months on Earth. Like Forest, I was born a tiny little rug rat, weighing only 4.5 lbs, despite being born full term at 37 weeks. Can you see any resemblance? 
What about now? 

Looks aside, he hasn't inherited either of our love for napping, that's for sure. But he does seem to have a bit of his daddy's Type A intensity. 
He is so tuned in to every sight and sound, which is part of the reason he doesn't sleep so well. But all that sleep deprivation and colic insanity is a little bit easier to forgive with a face like this one.


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  2. The little one looks lovely. The one of him swaddled and lying on his side is adorable. I'm sure he'll sleep better as he grows and as his little tummy gets bigger and he feels full for longer. all best wishes

  3. That pic next to Jonathan's is exactly what you said- irrefutable!!! too cute! Wish I could see him in person!!! Has he had to go out in the cold yet??

  4. I feel the same mix of hurt and pride when everyone says Mirabell looks just like Brian. Then the lady selling me a gyro one day said if a baby looks like the dad, it's because the mom and dad love each other so much that the mom spends time adoring her husbands face and that love look comes out reflected in your baby. I know it's a fluffy old wives tale, but it made me smile :)

    Great post! I see some of your features, but he is so Jon's son. No paternity test needed :)

  5. he's super cute and he looks like a good mix of both of you!!