Friday, November 15, 2013

Forest's Modeling Debut

We had Forest’s newborn portraits done when he was 10 days old by a fellow American girl, Emily Kalmon. Emily is currently living in Aberdeen and just getting her photography business off the ground. We really lucked out in snagging her for this precious photo shoot. She is supremely talented and just about the sweetest thing on earth. 

Unfortunately, all the stimulation surrounding his modeling debut was a bit too exciting for Mr. Forest because he refused to sleep for 90% of the time Emily was here. He gave us 5-10 minutes of cooperation in the traditional sleepy newborn photo poses, but otherwise he was wide eyed and alert. 

Oh well, at least they will accurately portray his personality! 

For the 5-10 minutes of naptime we did achieve, we had to pull out all the stops to get him to sleep. This meant a few minutes in his infant swing while the hair dryer was on. When my mom thought he was safely sleeping, she’d turn the blow dryer off only to see his eyes pop wide open at the absence of sound. To combat this, I held the hair dryer in the sitting room where the shoot was taking place and Emily shot a series of great photos while he snoozed. 

Here is a sample she posted on her facebook page. I cannot wait to see the rest! 

I know I’m biased, but seriously, how handsome is our little man??? I’ll keep you posted once I get the complete set from Emily. I can’t wait to work on birth announcements (which I told my mom is the only reason to have a baby in the first place...kidding, of course!). 

If you're in Aberdeen and interested in hiring Emily for your newborn or family portraits, here is her blog with some beautiful examples of her work.


  1. the sample photo is gorgeous!! and he's super cute :)

  2. there is an app called "Baby Sleeping Wonder Einschlafwunder" that I really like. It has a hairdryer sound on it!

  3. So cute:) Can't wait to see the rest!

  4. I love the one with the reindeer hat! How cute :)

  5. This is so great! Thanks for the glowing recommendation :) Hope you enjoyed the rest of the photos. He is absolutely perfect Laine.