Wednesday, November 27, 2013

4 Weeks Old!

Forest is 4 weeks old today, and as of Monday he weighed in at 7 lbs, 15 ¾ oz. I think it’s probably safe to say that by today he is over the 8lb mark. That means he’s made up a lot of ground in his 4 weeks of life, going from the 2nd percentile to the 9th. Still a little guy, but making huge strides in terms of growth. Today he even *almost* fit into a 0-3 month onsie, which is great because I’m getting sick of rotating his newborn outfits. 

His napping is going a little better since I talked to y’all last week. Thanks for all your advice, encouragement, and tips. Sometimes it’s just nice to know I’m not the only one without a textbook baby. It’s still a major fight to get him to nap and sometimes it’s 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. After a solid weekend full of good consistent naps, we’re back to meltdowns and refusal to fall asleep. It’s driving me batty. 

Jonathan even came home at lunch today to give me a break because Forest screamed from 7 AM to 11. I’d get him to settle and nod off for 5 minutes, and as soon as I breathed a sigh of relief at the glorious silence, that all-too familiar wailing would begin again. And I’m just dumbfounded. I’m searching all of ‘the books’ for answers and a 4 week old that won’t nap isn’t even listed as an option. It’s all ‘I can’t get my 4 week old to wake up ever.’ Um…bite me!  Some people have real problems. 

So far today I am 0 for 3 on the nap success, yet I can’t find any literature on what to do if your newborn won’t sleep enough. Apparently, it’s supposed to be the easiest thing in the world to get your 1 month old baby to take a nap. Well, if that’s true, we are gonna be in a world of trouble when we hit 3 months old and getting babies to take naps becomes ‘more challenging’. Sigh…

I feel like Forest is getting a bad rap. He really is a lovely baby, and each day he gets closer and closer to giving us a smile. And plus he is cuuuuuuuuute. Check him out: 

Can you tell he is getting better at looking at the camera? Baby boy is super sharp and alert. He doesn't want to miss a thing!  

And some random pictures from his 4th week of life:


  1. I like his 4 week outfit:) hang in there friend and try to enjoy as much as you can ;) it's a blessing:)

  2. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but google dairy allergy and reflux just to see if any of the symptoms match what you're going through. My 18 month old was a miserable non-sleeping screamer until we figured out at 8 weeks old that he was dealing with both silent reflux and a nasty allergy to dairy. It might not be it, but it's worth a quick look.

    Thank you for your posts about your experience at the hospital here. We moved to Aberdeen in June and our second baby is due in April. I've heard nothing but horror stories and you've slightly put my mind at ease. I had my husband bring all of my food in when I had my son down in England because the hospital food was so dire. Looks like he'll be doing the same again... !

    1. Turns out, it was both of these! Thanks for the tip. I'm glad we are finding some solutions, though he still likes to exercise his lungs:)

  3. Wow! I know time hasn't exactly been "flying" by, but I just can't believe your baby is 4weeks. He looks so much like his daddy! Thanks for sharing his progress and the sweet photos.

    Hang in there! He is such a blessing and yes this time is precious, but it's perfectly normal to wish it over already. It is so hard to stay home alone all day and feel like simply showering is a giant triumph. And I'm not talking hair and makeup or anything. Just simple bathing is an enormous task. Things will change eventually!!!! Love you xoxo