Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2 Weeks Old!

Forest is *two weeks old* today and our baby boy is growing like a weed. Two days ago he weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz which is significantly up from his birth weight. I wouldn't say time is flying by, but I'm sure once these sleep deprived newborn days are over it will all be a blur. 
Anyhoo, lots of you have been requested more photos of the little guy so I'll try to feature his weekly photos every Wednesday. Here are his official *2 week* pictures. 

Solja Boy?

And here are just some shots taken during his 2nd week of life. 

First game day. Too bad the Tigers couldn't pull off the win:(

First walk in Johnston Gardens

I'm working on Chapter 2 of my birth story and hope to have that up sometime tomorrow.  Stay Tuned! 

P.S. Thanks for bearing with me during these chaotic days. I'm hoping that once we settle into a rhythm, I'll have more time and energy for documenting this stage of our lives.


  1. The last one is my fave! He is so sweet :-) SO glad he is growing, too. I cannot wait to meet him!!

  2. Loving the Solja boy picture but mostly all of his precious facial expressions!!! xoxo

  3. Loving seeing Jon so gently feed him. He is precious! I can't believe you're blogging at all, I was dead to the world the first month. No worries! Take all the time you can to rest and be with baby.

  4. He is too cute! Hope you're taking care and getting rest

  5. ahh! He is adorable! I'm laughing out loud at some of these much expression in his cute little face! I love the last one. Accidental comedian already.