Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bump Day: 21 weeks

I’m a little late on posting today, but for good reason. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. My bump pictures are usually taken on Tuesday nights so that I can post them on Wednesday morning while Jonathan is at work. I know it’s a little deceitful to present photos as ‘my bump at 18/19/20 weeks’, when it was really 17/18/19 weeks and 6 ½ days, but certainly you can understand my logic there. 

Since we didn't get into Aberdeen until yesterday evening, I was in no condition to take bump photos. Even today, I modeled my bump with air dried hair and minimal makeup. I couldn’t even be bothered to take off my glasses until halfway through the photo shoot. I just figured you’d be too distracted by the cute dogs and the size of my rapidly expanding belly to be worried about my face.   

So here is a glimpse of BBB (baby boy bump) at 21 weeks gestation. The pups joined me for the first few to show their excitement at the news of a baby brother. 

My two baby boys.
My first borns.
I'm a little concerned that once baby boy is born, Bailey and I will be outnumbered by men. During TV time, there will be 3 votes for Top Gear, and only 2 for The Bachelor. Good thing we rule the house while Jonathan is at work, so hopefully we can sneak in some chick TV while baby and Sam are napping. 

Here are some pictures of just boring ole me. Please excuse the dog hair on my dress. It's out of control. At least I had the decency to take my glasses off for you.



  1. You seriously look fantastic. All baby!!!

  2. Posted this on a prevous blog by mistake, but meant to post on this one.... Living in Aberdeen, I was googling 'Aberdeen blogs' on my lunch hour to see if there was any interesting local blogs worth following - and your's came up first. Spookily however, I'm also expecting our first baby on October 23rd! I'll be following your blog with intent now :) Hope you are well. P.S. Your bump is much cuter than mine!

  3. You look great! How exciting :)