Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bump Day: 20 Weeks (Halfway There!)

Today marks the halfway point of my pregnancy. I am now 20 weeks, or to put in other words, 5 months. Now, riddle me this Batman- If I’m currently 5 months pregnant and only halfway through, how long does that make pregnancy? Yep folks, pregnancy is 10 months long, not than the widespread rumor of 9. 

Somebody really should have told me that before I decided to do this…. Just kidding.  But I do feel very mislead.   

My bump had quite the explosion this week. I feel like I’ve finally made that transition from ‘Is she pregnant or has she been enjoying a bit too much Sticky Toffee Pudding? To ‘Yep, she’s definitely pregnant.’ 

I’ve been scouring the maternity shops for any and every winter maternity garment. It was pretty slim pickings in June, but I cleared them out of all their remaining clearance inventory. 

I also went a bit nuts on the winter baby clothes that were selling for about 6 bucks an outfit. It was tough since we don’t know the gender yet, but I figure at 6 bucks a pop,  I’ll just buy  few of each and donate or return the ones I don’t need. 
Just 3 more sleeps until we find out if we’re having a little lad or lassie. I’m pretty convinced I know which it will be, but I’d be mega-excited if I’m wrong. I can’t wait to know for sure if it’s a boy or girl squirming around in my belly. 

On the inside, baby is weighing about a pound and is comparable in size to a mango. On the outside, it looks a bit like this: 

I’m a bit sad to say that these are the last bump shots from the States. Next Wednesday, I’ll be back posing in front of the stone wall in our garden in Aberdeen, helpless to do anything to stop the slow fading of this amazing tan I’ve been working so hard on.

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