Thursday, July 12, 2012

This Means War!

There are several quirks about our house in Scotland, but definitely the worst bit is the burgundy carpet in the entry, hallways, and staircase. Because we have two white bellied dogs who love to lie on the carpet, I would never personally choose low pile burgundy carpet for my home. Well, actually, I would never choose low pile burgundy carpet for my home regardless of the type of dogs we had. But it’s a rental, and we’re stuck with it for the next few years, so I’m learning to deal with it.

But because my dogs seem to shed an impossible amount, I have recently declared war on this carpet. I have to say, Bailey is the main culprit, and every time she gets up, she leaves a white dog shaped imprint on the floor. With as much dog hair that is stuck to our floors, clothes, and furniture, I have no idea how she isn’t completely bald.

Within our first week of living here, I knew that we were going to have to take drastic measures to beat this thing. Our first method of attack was purchasing our Dyson. On our first vacuum run, we filled the canister with dog hair 3 times before we finished vacuuming the downstairs. I have been vacuuming at least every other day, but always discover with frustration that as soon as I pass the Dyson over a spot, Bailey comes up behind me and leaves a new film of dog hair in its wake.
I was about to admit defeat and submit to the fact that my burgundy carpet would never ever look clean no many how much time I spent rolling my fancy shmancy Dyson around. I was desperately seeking answers. I even considered shaving Bailey despite her obvious need for fur in chilly Scotland. And then I found this.
Why vacuum the floor when you can just vacuum your dogs? It’s a suction assisted dog brush, so as it combs away the dead hair, it sucks it right into the vacuum canister.
Samson was the first guinea pig, and he actually quite enjoyed being vacuumed.
He even voluntarily rolled on his back so that that I could give his chest a groom.
And then his turn was up, he continued to linger around the Dyson hoping for another go.
Since my dogs are opposite in every way, I had the inclination that Bailey would not be so cooperative. Of course, she hated it and is planning on reporting me to the SPCA for child abuse.
But after 20 minutes of grooming her, I was still brushing up tufts of hair. She was freaked out the entire time, so I finally let her give in to her ‘flight’ response, and she dove to safety underneath the bed.
Later on, I consoled her by petting her on the back and was mortified to see white hair go flying everywhere.  It seems that all I did was anger her fur coat and due to the stress of the vacuuming, she started shedding even more. Burgundy carpet: 2, Laine: 0. I may have to revisit that ‘shaving Bailey’ idea. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

In the meantime, if you come to my house and notice a little dog hair on the floor, please know that I am doing my best, and am continuing to fight the good fight every single day of my life.

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