Monday, June 11, 2012

A Typical Scottish Saturday

I figured I’d share with you what a typical Saturday in Aberdeen looks like for us. The mornings generally look something like this:
Can’t spot Samson? Don’t you worry, all you have to do is pull back the covers, and you’ll find him.
After wrangling these 3 sleepy heads out of bed, we usually get some morning exercise before plotting out the days’ activities. This past Saturday included a “crawfish boil” hosted by Schlumberger out at Fraser castle. That was a lot of information, so let me repeat myself. A crawfish boil. At a castle. Seriously.
Now, I have to admit that calling the event a “crawfish boil” was a bit of false advertisement, but there were boiled shrimp, lobster, and langoustines which bear a striking resemblance to crawfish. I’d say the potato to Langoustine ratio is reversed from what I’d traditionally label a crawfish platter, but beggars can’t be choosers.
On another note, how fun is it to say the word ‘langoustine’? So much fun that for the time being, I’ve renamed Samson by this appellation. He just looks more like a ‘Langoustine’ than a ‘Samson’, wouldn’t you say?
After chowing down on lunch, we were treated to a tour of Fraser castle and a walk around the castle grounds, which was a perfect way to break in my new Hunter Boots.
For dinner, we attended an AWA dinner that Jillian organized at Ciao Napoli, which is a great little Italian place. We had great appetizers, entrees, and wine, but were still tempted by dessert. The only issue was that we couldn’t decide whether we wanted to share tiramisu or gelato. When pressured to make a decision, we decided to go with the tiramisu, but as luck would have it, the waitress accidently brought out an extra gelato, so we graciously volunteered to take the complementary dessert off her hands. We’re just good people like that. Plus, sharing is so much easier when you’re splitting two desserts.

All in all, it was a pretty perfect Saturday, and actually pretty reflective of how we spend our weekends here. There is always something going on, you just have to go out there and find it. We’ve been making a habit of saying yes to every invitation that we can possibly attend, and it’s making for a pretty busy social life. We’re having a great time, but Saturday naps are becoming a necessity as well.

Today, the Olympic torch is making it's way through Aberdeen, ending with a concert in the City Center. Jonathan and I definitely plan to be in attendance, sporting our red white and blue. I'm just glad that our two countries share the same colors. Go Team USA! (And Team UK, of course.)

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