Thursday, June 7, 2012

Naps with Sam

Remember when I tried to start a series of posts called 'Walks with Sam', except it didn’t work out because my star was not enthused about sitting still and looking cute? Well, I decided instead to do a post called ‘Naps with Sam’ and he has been much more cooperative with my efforts. Especially since he’s been getting lengthy power walks every day which lead to equally lengthy and powerful cat naps afterwards.

Now, you would think that it might be offensive to call a dog-nap a 'cat-nap', but in Samson’s case, his sleeping habits are purely feline in nature. For example, Sam's most frequent napping spot is usually the highest point in the room, which is often the top of the couch. 
But sometimes the highest point in a room happens to be a pillow on the bed.
Or if things get really desperate, a pillow on the floor will suffice.
He's also partial to taking a snooze in a sunny spot.
The boy does love his momma though and has been known to curl up on her dirty gym clothes while she takes a shower.
And if there are no dirty gym clothes available, a folded over bath mat will do just fine.
Of course, he's not picky and will fall asleep in a traditional dog bed every now and then.
Especially if that dog bed is located inside his sister's giant sized kennel.
He's quite a lovebug and can be found  from time to time getting some beauty sleep with Bailey by his side.
But I'd have to say that this momma's boy's all time favorite napping spot is spooning with his Momma on the couch.
Which works out just fine, because that's my favorite way to nap as well.

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