Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Photos: Scottish Sky

One of my favorite things about Scotland is the light. The weather changes so frequently and the way the sun bounces off the clouds and hillsides can make the same scene look drastically different throughout the day. This week we had some great examples of this, so I took some pictures to illustrate.
Same street, different day. And here are some other various  pictures of the Scottish sky that struck my fancy this week.
Our sea shipment is set to be delivered on Monday (happy dance!), so I forsee next week being busy-busy. I'll try my best to keep posting everyday, but I cant make any promises. This weekend will also be hectic with trying to run errands and deep clean the house before our shipment arrives. Once that furniture goes down, the carpet underneath probably won't get vacuumed for the next 2-3 years. Speaking of vacuums, lookie what I got.
Jonathan's been hesitant about getting me a Dyson because of the implications of buying your wife a vacuum cleaner as a gift. Who spread the lie that women don't want cleaning tools, cooking supplies, and exercise equipment as gifts? That is such false information, and every time a birthday/anniversary/Christmas passes and Jonathan buys me yet another romantic gift, I grill him on why he didn't get me the food processor that I asked for.
He swears that me asking for such items is luring him into a trap and as soon as I see an elliptical machine with a bow under the Christmas tree, I'll turn into an emotional wreck and accuse him of calling me fat. Erroneous!
I begged and pleaded for a Dyson vacuum cleaner for our anniversary and once again, he did not deliver, refusing to mark our anniversary with a cleaning apparatus. So last weekend I marched him right on over to Curry's and we purchased this bad boy. When we got home, Jonathan and I had a fight over who was going to get to vacuum the house first. Vacuuming has quickly gone from my least favorite to most favorite chore. Fortunately, we have burgundy carpet and two white dogs who shed an impossible amount, so I get to vacuum every. single. day. Lucky me. 


  1. I totally agree!! It must mean I'm getting older because I need the tools of the trade to do my job and as wife and mother. I'm being serious when I ask for a new vacuum, bread maker, or steam mop. I want it! It will make my life easier. No hidden messages.

  2. I with you Laine! Ryan can buy me as many household appliances/electronics, gym memberships, exercise equipment, work out clothes as his heart desires!