Monday, September 16, 2013

Cherishing Autumn

Jonathan and I spent a lot of the past week in denial. Though there was a cutting chill in the air, we refused to admit that winter was on its way. I drug out the space heater to keep me warm on the chilly mornings, but refused to turn on our house’s heating system just yet. When we had Jill and Ryan over for football this weekend, I handed them blankets instead of giving in and turning the heater on. 

But today, I just had to give in. I woke up freezing and struggled to get out from under the cozy covers. I even considered throwing the velvet winter blanket back on the bed today. I flipped the heater on. I checked the forecast for Bailey and I’s morning walk and saw that it was 39 degrees out…
...which means I had to ransack my winter drawer looking for my dog walking gloves. 
When we got outside, I noticed that a thin layer of frost had covered my car. 
And on our walk, leaves that were green just yesterday had starting turning into a brilliant orange by this morning. 
Fall is hands down my favorite season of the year, and in Aberdeen, it is absolutely spectacular. 

I’m a little bummed that our son is due right smack in the middle of it because by the time I make heads and tails of life with a baby, I’m sure we’ll be in the thick of dreary and miserable winter. 

So for now, I am making the most of the invigorating crisp chill that Autumn brings with it. I’m relishing in long walks through colorful forests and putting hearty soups back into our dinner rotation and spiking my hot chocolate with peppermint flavoring. But there is no more denying it…
 Winter is coming.



  1. What beautiful photos, i hope you can celebrate as much of autumn before the baby comes along. Even then i hope its crisp and not wet for going out.

  2. Too bad about the winter but excellent writing

  3. The crisp air is invigorating but I was not ready to have to wear gloves and a head band (and I was still cold) this morning on our walk. And I'm determined to get a picture of that fiery red tree in Johnston Gardens this year! Bring on the colors. I love fall :)