Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back in Business

Hi Friends. Just an update to let y'all know that my computer came back from the hospital yesterday. Basically, she got the equivalent of a brain transplant since her hard-drive went completely bonkers. As a result, my computer has severe amnesia and only retains pictures from her former life. Last night and this morning have been busy restoring all of the necessary programs and data to get her back to her old self. I'm hoping that by later this week we will be in full working order once again and we'll be able to put this mess behind us. 
There are subtle signs that all is not completely right with the computer universe as of yet and I may be bringing my computer back in for a check up pretty soon. Especially since we paid about 1/3 of the price of  new computer just to spring her from the repair shop, and she isn't quite working 'like new' as was promised. Please keep us in your thoughts as we work out the kinks! Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a Bumpdate.

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