Friday, August 30, 2013

A Diagnosis and a Road Trip

Yesterday morning I was gearing up for Jonathan and I’s week long Scottish road trip when I got a call from my hubby with ‘bad news’. Despite the fact that he had woken up that morning feeling better than he had in days, a doctor called him later that day and stated that he reviewed Jon’s x-ray and thinks he may have identified a fracture after all. He recommended that Jonathan come in for a cast later that day.

We were both taken aback by this, especially since Jonathan firmly believed he was on the mend. The last thing he expected was to be confined to a non-weight bearing cast for a few weeks. It also threw our travel plans into limbo since neither of us wanted to pull the trigger on a week long vacation when Jonathan’s mobility would be seriously impaired. 

He schedule an appointment at 3 PM to have more extensive testing done and we hoped for the best. I brought the dogs to the kennel while he met with the doctor, who confirmed that Jonathan did in fact have a stress fracture in his calcaneous bone (aka heel bone). 
Depending on the severity of the break and it’s positioning, the treatment could range from surgery to resting with a heavy dose of ibuprofen. After a CT scan it was determined that because of the placement of the fracture, there wasn't much to be done. The doctor suggested Jon lay off the running for a few weeks, but other than that should be able to move around as much as was comfortable. 

Finally, with a proper diagnosis, we felt confident leaving town and spent the day meandering on over to the Isle of Skye. We made a few pitstops along the way including a detour at Culloden Battlefield....
…and to take advantage of a photo op with Nessie…
...and to explore Fort Augustus….

...and to take in the splender of Eileen Donan castle...
Once on the island, we still had an hour to kill before we could check into out B&B so we picked up some souveniers at the Isle of Skye Candle Company and headed towards the Fairy Pools for an afternoon hike. Unfortunately, the weather was quite stormy and by the time we reached the car park for the Fairy Pools we were faced with sideways pouring down rain. 
We saw a few people returning from the hike looking sopping wet and miserable so we decided to sadly skip out on this enchanting walk. Later we headed into Portree for some grub at The Granary (HIGHLY recommend…best mussels and scallops EVER!).
But first we stopped to check out the colorful and picturesque Portree Harbor. 

We’re hoping for some sunnier skies tomorrow, though the forecast is for more rain, rain, rain. Weather permitting, we were hoping to ferry it over to the Isle of Harris to check out some of it’s famed beaches and Harris Tweed shops. However, as one who gets violently sea sick, if the water is really rough, we will just have to skip out on that as well, especially since there is plenty on Skye to keep us occupied. Either way, I’ll let you know how it goes. Have a good weekend!

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  1. You and your bump are the cutest ever!! Glad to see y'all got to keep your vacation