Monday, February 18, 2013

Welcome Back

Home at last. Home at last. Thank God Almighty, I am home at last. After 3 weeks of touring Missouri, Texas, and Louisiana, I was welcomed home this morning by a beautiful sunshiny day. 
My buddy Debbie picked me up from the airport and whisked me to my house where Lil' Sam was waiting in the bay window for me. He wasn't the only sweet surprise awaiting my arrival home. I walked into the house to discover a table full of Valentine’s day flowers and presents. 
It was romantic and sweet, but Maslow’s hierarchy mandated that I feed my tummy before unwrapping any gifts so I went straight to the fridge and pantry. Where I found nothing. Nothing. No bread. No milk. No cheese. No other essentials for nutritional survival. I told Jonathan that I appreciated the bouquet of flowers, but a loaf of bread would have been more practical. 

I’m still baffled about how he’s managed to live in this foodless house for 3 days without running to the grocery store around the corner for supplies. Men. I made it about 1 hour before I walked my happy butt to the neighborhood co-op grocery store for milk, bananas, bread, and coco krispies. You know, the essentials. 
I really didn’t mind the errand since it gave me a chance to bask in the warm (50 degrees!) temperatures and sunshine. 
Not wanting to waste the perfect weather, I also wrangled the pups out the door for a quick walk along a trail near our house. 
It was so pleasantly warm that both dogs got into the brook for a wee swim. 
Since I had my wellies, I decided to join in on the fun and splash around a bit with my babies. 
It was a beautiful day spent soaking up the sunshine, fresh air, and puppy love. It reminded me just why I love this country and eased the homesickness I felt from leaving the States behind. 

It feels great to be home and I’m excited to start blogging regularly again. Thanks for sticking with me during the last few weeks. Your support during my grandfather’s illness and death was humbling and greatly appreciated. I’ll try to get the blog back on track and respond to all of your emails this week. See you back here soon!


  1. YAY! Glad you are home safe. Gorgeous flowers by the way. Was the vase a present? What was in the boxes? It's so hard when they do something so sweet but still majorly miss the mark :)

  2. So, so glad you're back and can't wait to catch up and see you weekly!