Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Girls Have ALL the Luck

My mother is the luckiest woman I know. Not only was she blessed with me as a daughter, but the woman wins about 200 bucks anytime she sits down at a slot machine. This weekend we met both sets of parents and my brother in Lake Charles for 2 nights at the L’auberge Casino and resort. It was a good midway point for some quality time before Jonathan had to head back to the Houston airport. 
When we got to the casino on Friday, Jonathan and I each took out our budgeted 60 bucks to try our luck on the penny slots. My mom sat next to us. 
Within an hour, Jon and I were broke, but my mom was on a winning streak. Everytime I turned around, she was hitting the bonus jackpot and her winning totals were spinning out of control. 
At one point she had a crowd of people surrounding her and the excitement from her winning streak even caused the adjacent Craps table to stop and take notice. 
Everytime I checked in on her, she was handing me another substantial ticket to cash in. 
Her totally winnings ended up being in the ball park of $1400. On the penny slots… 

Fortunately she used some of her winnings to treat us to a steak dinner, complete with a wee dram of whisky for a night cap. 

Her luck didn’t end at the slots either. While I’ve been home, I have been giving my family the gift of Mahjong. We played two games on Saturday afternoon and she won both of them. 
We played again last night and once again she won 100% of the hands. 100%. 
I guess I should take credit for being such a thorough teacher, but I’m worried that she is so lucky that just being in her presence is siphoning away my own luck.  Luckily I have both her and my dad hooked so we’ll surely be playing every night this week while I stay with them in Covington. 

I’m hoping my Mom’s winning streak doesn’t eclipse my Mahjong mastery and I’m eventually able to trump her luck with my  skill set. Too bad my mom is one smart cookie, so trying to best her in a game that involves both luck and brains is darn near impossible.

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  1. So glad that all of you were able to meet. Such a great thing to have both families together for a few days!