Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snow Day

I had a whole other post planned out for today, but sometimes life just throws you something amazing and you gotta roll with it. On my way home from book club last night, the snow started falling. I mean, it was pouring down. I had my Christmas music blaring in my car as I watched the flakes swirling all around me.
For this southern girl, it was quite the magical moment. The magic continued when I awoke to this scene:  
How is it possible that frozen rain can make everything look so spectacular? My neighborhood was instantly transformed into a scene out of Harry Potter. I just knew the scenery would be even lovelier in the countryside so I suited up for a run with Bailey.

The past few days have been really frustrating because I haven’t been able to get the dogs out due to icy sidewalks. A few friends tipped me off to Snow Trax, which are removable accessories for your shoes which help to grip the snow and ice.
I strapped them to my tennis shoes and they worked like a charm. I felt very secure on the ice and snow and never once even felt the slick pavement beneath my feet. It’s definitely making exercising the dogs easier, which is such a relief because I was honestly getting worried about how I would manage all winter.

No, the ice wasn’t slowing me down this morning, but the need to take pictures surely was. Bailey was super patient with me as I stopped every 2 minutes or so to take a snapshot of my surroundings.
In between photo ops, she managed to have the time of her life playing in the snow. Remember when I mentioned she reminds me of Phoebe when she runs? Here is a prime example:  
She’s always a happy and energetic dog but for some reason the snow makes her completely jubilant. For the first half of our run, we enjoyed a breathtaking tangerine sunrise,...

...but true to Scottish-weather form, this was quickly displaced by a blizzard.
For several minutes I could hardly see for the snow that was flying into my eyes. I was just hoping that Bailey was following me because her white and orange coat perfectly camouflaged her in the snowy forest.
Luckily the storm only lasted a mile or so and then the skies cleared back up for the remainder of our jog. I was even able to get Samson out for a lengthy walk around Johnston Gardens, which was a heartbreakingly pretty sight to behold.

Last winter in Aberdeen it snowed a total of two times. It’s December 5, and this is already the 3rd snow of the season. The locals say it’s gonna be a long one. Good thing I got my Snow Trax. There is no bad weather, only bad gear.
(On a different note, I just found out my dear friend and blog follower, Jill, is finally in labor with her first baby. So if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer that baby Mirabell makes a quick and painless arrival into the world, I'm sure she would appreciate it. Yay for babies!!)


  1. How beautiful! I love the snow pictures. It's good to see you embracing the weather. You'll be there a year before you know it.


  2. Do we have a baby yet? Thinking it Jill and baby Mirabell! Hoping to try my snow trax today!

  3. As long as we lived in Aberdeen I never got tired of the snow. It always reminded me of God's glory and walking in the forest with snow coming down I always wanted to sing His praises and I felt so close to Him during those times. The snow is beautiful and your pictures show that. Enjoy it and embrace it. God speed to Jill and baby Mirabell and I pray things go good for them both. Love you much