Thursday, October 4, 2012

Momma, I'm coming home!!!!

Another Thursday, another 6 AM flight. My third 6 AM flight in a month. Except this time we aren’t headed to Austria, Poland, or any other European destination…we are headed ‘home’!
I can’t wait to hug my parents. And my siblings. And my nephews. And my in-laws. And my grandparents. And my cousins. And my aunts. And my friends. And the family dogs. And Target. Yes, Target.
I will wrap my arms so tightly around the first Target store I see that you will have to pry me away with the jaws of death. I will drop to my knees and kiss the gravel as soon as I reach the parking lot. I will cry tears of joy when I see those Target brand animal crackers in the checkout line. You get the point.
My heart might burst with excitement!
All of these wonderful thoughts are getting me through the tiredness, the exhaustion, the stress, and the separation anxiety that plagues me every time I drop my dogs off at the kennel. When I left them there yesterday, I just kept repeating this little mantra to myself: “I get to go to Target. I get to hug Corbin. I get to go to Target. I get to hug Lucas. I get to go to Target. I get to hug Mom. I get to go to Target. I get to hug Dad. I get to go to Target. I get to hug Clint. I get to go to Target. I get to hug Jamie.” You get the point. My pups can sacrifice a little time at doggie day care for mom to get her family/friends/cheap shopping fix.
As you can imagine, I will be quite the busy bee over the next few weeks as I do the tour-de-south trying to visit as many friends and family as possible, and squeezing in a trip to Hogwarts along the way. I promise to post as much as I can without sacrificing any QT with my peeps…or Target. I love y’all and all, but Target and I, we’ve got some major catching up to do. See you Stateside. Woohoo!!!!


  1. Just think "every step you take, every move you make" you'll be getting closer to your Target. Any chance of a Houston side trip?

  2. YAY! Have a fun visit. While we're both stateside, still so far away...