Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween...and Fall Harvest!

Happy Halloween everybody! Any plans tonight?  Jon and I are sitting this one out since we have another costume party this weekend. We plan on eating pizza and passing out candy to trick-or-treaters instead of going out. Though I do feel like today would be an extremely appropriate day to start our Season 6 Dexter marathon.

As for Halloween treats, I thought I could simply waltz into Walmart  ASDA and buy a gigantic pack of fun sized skittles. Wrong. I’ve been to two stores and haven’t found anything really suitable to my American ideas of trick or treating. I do have 3 economy packs of fun sized peanut butter M&Ms that I brought back from the States, but (not to be stingy or anything) those are mine.

So I racked my brain for a solution and remembered that awhile back I bought a big jar of individual Haribo snacks at Costco, simply because they had 5 gummy bear packs inside. I find the other varieties quite gross, but the Brits obviously love them since they are everywhere! Handing them out to costumed kids is the perfect way to get them out of my pantry.

Something I learned about Scottish Halloween tradition is that children have to tell a joke before getting a treat (and those lazy kids in America don’t have to do squat). The 6 year old daughter of the lady who hosted book club last night practiced her trick-or-treat humor on us, which was uber adorable with her ½ American, ½ British accent. For example: 

Q:Why didn’t the skeleton go the party?
A:He didn’t have any body to go with.

Q: Who won the skeleton beauty contest?
A: No body.

So. Stinkin. Cute. On this one day of the year, I’m kind of glad we don’t live in the country so that I can get my fill of Scottish kid adorableness tonight. I just hope they aren’t so cute that I feel obligated to share my peanut butter m&ms with them.

I mean really, American kids don’t even deserve all the great American Halloween candy they get. They need to ship that stuff over here to the UK, where the kids know how to work for their sugar.

Now, growing up as a Southern Baptist, my family didn’t really celebrate Halloween, it being Satan's holiday and all.  We participated in trick-or-treat a few times, but mostly my mom would take us to the movies or we’d go to church. Yep, we were that family. The “Fall Harvest” kinda folks who got together at church on October 31st to have some good wholesome, non-satanic fun. So in honor of the Fall Festivals of my past, here are some pretty spectacular pictures of Autumn in Aberdeen.


  1. I love this post.... The thought of those little cuties telling jokes for their treats (esp with accents) just makes my heart smile.

    Hmmmm would have to be incredibly adorable for me to part with peanut butter m&m's... just sayin ;)

  2. Whats the best joke you heard?