Monday, October 31, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship with Turkey Legs

Successes this weekend: Cardinals won the World Series, I read 165 pages of my book, and I enjoyed the Texas Ren Fest Tradition of eating a turkey leg on a gorgeous Fall day.

However, I have always been one to grasp the virtue of humility and I know that with every success, there is also a failure to humble me.
Failures this weekend: Watching Albert Pujols’ potential last at bat as a St. Louis Cardinal, having 169 pages left of my book to finish by my November 1st goal(Aka impossible), and leaking Turkey Leg oil all over my brand new $70 dollar Banana Republic skirt.
I spent the rest of the weekend questioning my inept decision making skills that led me to wear said skirt to the Renaissance Festival. Jonathan and I came up with the theory that I am a girl torn between two worlds. In my head, I’m graceful and stylish, with impeccable manners, when in reality, I’m a clumsy tomboy who ruins every article of clothing above 30 dollars the first time I wear it.

Seriously, my Target wardrobe lasts forever, but my fancy-girl clothes are lucky to last 5 minutes. For example, in addition to my Banana skirt, I was wearing at $10 tank top from Old Navy and a $20 cardigan from Target; both items went unharmed during the eating of the Turkey Leg. Banana skirt: ruined.
Overall, it was a balanced weekend, with the biggest failure being that I forgot my camera.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have about 5 hours of reading to do.

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