Monday, January 30, 2012

Mama's Fish House

It’s hard to write about Hawaii, almost as if I sat down to write about it I’d be admitting that the trip is over. I’ve been back in Houston three weeks and I’m still on the bummer elevator going down. How do you come back to Houston from Hawaii? Our solution? Go to Colorado. We’ve been some traveling fools lately and I absolutely love it. However, after this month’s ski trip, my vacation time at work will be completely depleted. I guess it wouldn’t be fair to Breckenridge unless I put Hawaii behind me and started the healing process.

I’ll break the ice with a post about Mama’s Fish House. If you’re ever lucky enough to visit the sleepy island of Maui, you’ll hear over and over again that you have to eat at Mama’s Fish House. And it’s true. You absolutely have to go.
Not only is the restaurant located on what’s likely the best piece of real estate on the island, but the atmosphere and the food is something you just must experience.

What I recommend is to go before your flight out. The restaurant is on the north shore, very close to the airport and it’s likely that you’ll have a later/overnight flight back to the mainland. It gives you something to kill some time between when you have to be out of your hotel/rental house and when you have to be at the airport. The grounds of Mama’s are some of Hawaii’s finest and there is even an Inn with a few Cottages on the premises.

But the exterior isn’t the only thing of beauty; the inside is full of interesting details. The restaurant is set up similar to most Hawaiian architecture with an indoor/outdoor pavilion-like space.Even when inside, you have an open air view to the ocean; to the ocean where the fish are caught daily and served up at Mama’s Fish house. And don't even get me started on the fruity umbrella drinks. It was the perfect way to end our family trip in celebration of my parent's 30 years of marriage.
Going before long flight is also a good idea because since Hawaii is considered a “domestic” flight, no meals, not even peanuts, are served. Our strategy to avoid paying $10 for an airplane meal was stuff our faces at Mama’s to hold us over to Houston. Believe it or not, it worked (which might also have something to do with a sleeping pill that knocked us both out for the whole flight). We sure showed Continental United who’s the boss.

Alright, one Hawaii post down; about 50 to go. But for today, it’s all I have the heart to share. Sigh.

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