Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Honey Badger Don't Care

I, like so many, have been profoundly inspired by Pinterest. I have pinned more crafts and recipes than I could ever make in a lifetime, even if I didn’t have a full time job. I never would have thought that the first thing I actually made from Pinterest would be a fancy champagne cocktail called “The Honey Badger”. However, special times call for fancy drinks and this past Saturday, my LSU tigers battled the BAMA Crimson Tide for the number 1 ranking in College Football. Now, normally, college football gatherings call for kegs of Natty Light, and not sophisticated cocktails consisting of French Liquor and homemade honey syrup. But it just so happens that one of our star players has earned the nickname “Honey Badger” for his ferociousness on the field. And it just so happens that I am kind of obsessed with him. So it just so happens that I am also obsessed with any and all Honey Badger paraphernalia. When I saw the recipe for this cocktail on Pinterest (because I may or may not have been specifically searching the term 'Honey Badger'), I knew I’d be making it for the game. And now, I have a new favorite drink.
Ingredients: Orange slices, honey syrup, St. Germain Liquor, Champagne To make the syrup is super easy, and it is also super impressive to say “Yes, I made the honey syrup from scratch”. You just mix one cup of honey with one cup of water and stir over heat until it simmers. Then you let it cool before putting it in whatever fancy container you want. Since I was attending a football game and not a bridal shower, I put it in a disposable ketchup bottle. You know, all fancy like.

St. Germain is a French liquor made from Elderberry. Some describe it as slightly sweet with floral undertones and a hint of peach and citrus. Uh, whatever. It’s awesome. Trust me.

To make the cocktail, just squeeze an orange slice into a glass and toss the remaining orange in, squirt a bit of honey syrup in (you can only ‘squirt’ if you have stored your fancy syrup in a disposable ketchup bottle, otherwise, spoon it in), pour in a shot of St. Germain followed by a glass of Champagne and voila- Honey Badger.
Everyone really enjoyed the special drink, especially in celebration of our overtime victory. It was seriously adorable to see a bunch of guys toasting the best team in the land with a champagne cocktail. Us LSU fans, we keep it classy.

You got that right, Honey Badger: We're number 1. Geaux Tigers!

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